3D Printing- A new Assistant in the Real Estate industry

3D Printing- A new Assistant in the Real Estate industry

Technology is making its way in real estate and now creating wonders too. Today buildings clearly exhibit their layout designs, architecture and construction, it has become a reality. After a long process, 3D printers are now becoming the future of real estate. These new printers have enabled the companies to gain maximum profit and ease them in attaining construction related goals.  

3D printing creates 3D models or geometries by giving input in form of BIM. 3D printing is all about the creation of 3D models. It enhances efficiency and replicates the conventional methods of construction that require intensive labour. 3D printers are extruding concrete for the creation of buildings, rather than manually stacking bricks or blocks a robotic arm extrudes concrete to develop 3D buildings.

Here we have listed some amazing ways how 3D printers are making different processes of real estate more efficient.

 Less Cost of Construction

3D printers are a real game-changer, traditional methods of construction might seem simple but they aren’t. The overall process of construction is a combination of a lot of complex steps. Shortage of  Labour, logistics, material delays, weather issues and unskilled labour may affect the whole construction process adversely. 

3D printers are expensive but not more than the combined cost of all the processes of construction.  A 3D printer can efficiently print a small house with the least labour force required. 3D printing enables easy access to material and other components for constructing houses.

Unique and Customized  Designs

Amazingly 3D provides an opportunity to think beyond and let you choose your desired floor plan. 3D printers allow you to make unique and customize designs. Soon the homeowner can design his own home according to the requirements without having a mundane meeting with the architecture. 

3D printers provide advanced and newer ways to accomplish designs and get better results. 

Solution for Housing Crisis

It is hard for many developing countries to accommodate homeless people.  It is not an easy task to find affordable and comfortable homes. 3D printers enable you to build homes and places for financially challenged developing countries. 

This only requires to put design into a 3D printer these solutions are cost as well as time-effective.

Offsite Construction

3D printing provides a benefit of off-site construction. Different parts of a house can be made at different locations and then assembled in order to complete the house. Some places make it difficult to perform construction-related operations. From getting the labours on time to fixing the issues concerning climate leads to delayed milestones. 

Thus 3D printers allow you to print different parts at a convenient location and can be moved to a construction location later when required


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