We provide our clients with market-leading technologies to create an infrastructure that improves communities.

Our origins date back to 2018, with a portfolio that includes some of Pakistan’s large scale projects. We make sure that our techniques solve a range of technical challenges across the construction industry. Speccomp Construction has the expertise, local presence, and an exceptional track record. Our focus is to achieve our ambitions to be the preferred construction and infrastructure provider across all of Pakistan.

A Look Into The Company


Speccomp’s board is highly-experienced, with a shared mission to create long-term value for our stakeholders. Our board members ensure that our projects are progressive and innovative.

They work closely with the team and emphasize on building enduring relationships with them. With their believes and strong leadership qualities, they gave a new dimension to the world of business.

Our Core Values:

Our long-held values reinforce and support everything we do.

We’re Trusted

We uphold our promises. We are best equipped to foster a proactive safety culture to carry out the most demanding of projects.

We're Focused:

Our approach is to bring our geotechnical knowledge in whatever the project, sector or client. All the while delivering key economic and social infrastructure.

We’re Sustainable

We work with customers, communities, and supply chain partners to make sure our choices are sustainable.