The Aquatic Mall

Retail Fit-out

The Aquatic Mall

Pakistan's First Marine Themed Mall

G.T Road Rawalpindi Auatic mall location


The Aquatic Mall is a landmark thematic project located in the heart of twin cities. It is a marine-themed mall featuring the world's tallest cylindrical aquarium. The mall will house over 300 retail outlets, an underwater tunnel, infinity pool, marine-themed restaurant, cinemas, Skywalk, and a water park. It will act as a catalyst that will boost our economic sectors. The Aquatic Mall guarantees high returns, great annual profit up to 40-60%. It is a secure and transparent investment with an easy payment plan.

Tropical survey, architectural design, piling and excavation are completed. Anchorage for retaining excavation and raft foundation is in progress of the Aquatic mall. Once these processes finish, we will begin structuring the sub-structure, comprising three basement parking. Sub-structure refers to the foundation of a building, below ground level. Upon completion, we will proceed to the superstructure. It involves columns, beams, slabs, walls, and all finishing elements like walls, windows, floors, etc of twelve floors. Project completion is anticipated to be achieved by midyear 2022.

Leadership team for this project

Appartments With Lawn

Enjoy luxurious living at our elegantly designed apartments with balcony lawns.

Tallest Cylindrical Aquarium

Marvel at one of the largest suspended aquariums housing nearly 3500 exotic marine species.


State of the art amenity, a design element that has never been attempted.

Blue Mosque

A breathtaking blend of faith & architecture inspired by Turkey's famous ‘Blue Mosque’.

Inifnity Pool

Enjoy endless fun and immerse in stunning views as you dive into the infinity pool.

Marine Themed Restaurant

Relax in a breathtaking oceanic ambience and choose delicacies from a wide range of delicious menu.


A panoramic landmark offering breathtaking views of the city.

Underwater Tunnel

The most spectacular underwater tunnel, with a motive to provide a relaxing environment.