Improving Quality of Life Through Architecture

Improving Quality of Life Through Architecture

The spaces we build and design have a significant impact on the way we spend our life. Good aesthetics and design improve the quality of your life. Having a well built and decorated place affects your mood and make you productive so that you can work efficiently. 

Are you planning major renovations or looking forward to building a new house? But you are worried about the cost and thinking is it worth your money? Investing in a great design and architecture increases the value of the property and reduces the utility cost. 

As people spend most of their time inside building or surrounded by them. Buildings such as schools, offices and stores affect people how to feel, behave and also impact their health. A correct blend of design, technology and construction enhances the life of the occupants. Here we have gathered some areas of architecture that improve the quality of life. 

Aesthetics are  important 

Aesthetics are important. Correct use of colour, geometric proportions, pattern, and material enhances productivity and inspires the occupants.  An aesthetically unpleasing environment is a huge hindrance to the efficiency and creativity of the people. They tend to spend more time in surroundings that attract them instead of being in unproductive and confined places. 

Technology makes life easier

Intermingling technology with architecture is the new hot trend in the world. People prefer homes embedded with the latest gadgets and machines. Home automation makes the life of residents much easier and enables them to control their home’s lighting, heating appliances and other features from anywhere. It provides them with a personalized experience according to their needs and requirements. 

A sudden rise in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has made facility management systems more popular and sophisticated. This creates an overall better living experience and provides cost and energy benefits. 

Design and Planning

A well-thought layout plan helps the residents to improve their productivity.  Good planning takes into account all the functional needs and helps in the activities being conducted in that space by boosting efficiency and effectiveness.  A feasible design also helps in enhancing accessibility by considering the needs of the visually impaired and reduced mobility. 

Location of window, heating and ventilation plays a major role in improving the quality of life of the residents. Creating a comfortable, well-lit environment can have a beneficial psychological impact on the users while also achieving energy savings. Incorporating green spaces – such as parks and gardens – into the overall design can also enhance the user experience. There is a growing amount of research that supports the idea that spending time in nature can help improve mental health and positively impact people’s moods.

Significance of Building & Construction Materials 

The selection of material for building plays a significant role in supporting a good quality of life. Materials free from chemicals and other harmful substances make a place safe and more liveable. In addition, thorough construction methods ensure a building is fit for purposes – such as eliminating drafts or enabling easy maintenance of fittings, fixtures, and equipment.


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