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We use the latest technology and equipment at Speccomp. Our innovations pave paths to make the impossible possible.


Our strategic planning helps to get through every step of the way. From procurement to implementation we have got you covered.


We are in construction and are committed to providing high-class services with our effective strategies.


Our engineering services not only serve the functional purpose but also enables us to serve the customers in a better manner.

Our Sectors

Media & Entertainment


Real estate


In the entertainment industry, everything is changing rapidly. Our team of experts are continuously working on the latest equipment to provide a perfect and captivating experience for our customers.

We focus on the comfort and convenience of the customer. Our in house skills and expertise helps us to deliver efficient and sustainable products that exceed the expectations of the user end.

In today’s competitive real estate market, having just a website OR network of real estate agents OR traditional marketing isn’t enough. You need to consider a marketing strategy that assures you to grow your business in the most lucrative way. From affordable housing to luxury apartment real estate dealers, here’s how Value Direct helps you get quality real estate leads through lead generation and target marketing that enables you stay ahead of your competition.

The leisure market is continuously evolving, and it needs dedication in order to flourish in it. We understand its complexity and are aptly equipped to deliver a best-in-class experience